4 × AHD Camera


With rugged design at IP67 rating, 3Rtablet’s AHD
cameras are applicable for both in-vehicle and
out-vehicle conditions.

The high sensitivity pixels its reproduced offer you the
most finite details and provide you with a safer driving


ADAS (Optional)


ADAS( Advanced Driving Assistant System):
The ADAS with a high dynamic range camera and
specialized algorithm, which can sense the vehicle's
surroundings and transform road conditions into voice
reminders and alarms in advance, so that drivers can take
proactive action in time and reduce potential risks
occurred on the road.


DMS (Optional)


DMS(Driving Monitoring System): Based on professional AI algorithm software, the DMS can monitor improper driving behaviors to ensure safety driving, like fatigue, distraction, smoking, yawn,etc.


Real-Time Monitor and Record


AHD camera from 3Rtablet can connect to tablet directly. The combination of tablet and cameras gives fleet managers the ability to real-time monitor and record the driver behavior and surrounding circumstance while also improving safety, reducing incidents and liability.




AHDCamerca is a software that supports 4-channel
AHD video signal input and allows for accessing live
video and recording.

With SDK and other technical resources we provided,
you are able to do deep development on the
application according to your requirement.


Replaceable Battery


Built-in Li-polymer battery makes the tablet convenient for portable use

5000mAh of battery capacity supports the tablet work for 5 hours in operation mode typically

Easily to replace a new battery by maintenance personnel