VT-5 is a 5-inch small and thin tablet for fleet management. It’s integrated with GPS, LTE, WLAN, BT wireless communication.


Convenient Installation

The tablet with small, thin and light design, is convenient for end users to quickly install and remove the tablet from tablet mount.

Stable and Reliable CPU

VT-5 powered by Qualcomm CPU with industrial grade components on board to ensure that the product with good quality and high performance in field.

High-precision GPS Positioning

VT-5 tablet supports the GPS positioning system. High precise position and excellent data communications realize tracking your car anywhere and anytime.

Rich Communication

The small 5-inch tablet integrated with 4G, WI-FI, Bluetooth wireless communication. It is suitable for fleet management application and other smart control.


Compliant with the automotive product ISO 7637-II standard Transient Voltage Protection, can withstand up to 174V 300ms car surge impact.

Wide voltage power supply design, DC input supports 8-36V.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

VT-5 support to work in wide range of operating temperature for outdoor environment, it supports the temperature range of 10°C ~65°C with reliable performance for fleet management or smart agricultural control.

Rich IO Interfaces

All-in one cable design makes the tablet operation stability in high vibration environment. VT-5 with power, RS232, RS485, GPIO, ACC and extensible interfaces, makes the tablet well applied in different telematics solutions.